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Public Employer Labor Relations Association

Public Sector Management Resource for Labor
          Relations Training, Information, and Networking                                      


MPELRA members work in all areas of the public sector throughout Minnesota representing management at the bargaining table with public employee unions. Some members are also attorneys and private consultants exclusively serving the management of public sector jurisdictions.

MPELRA represents a broad range of employers from those with fewer than 30 employees to those with several thousand employees and from jurisdictions with no unionized employees to those with a vast majority of their employees covered by collective bargaining agreements. This professional mix provides a unique opportunity for the exchange of perspectives, information and skills.

As a member, you will be able to draw from this vast pool of resources and you will have the opportunity to contribute as well. All of our members are striving to know more. Through our seminars, conferences, and newsletters, you will have the opportunity to share ideas and benefit from the experiences of a wide range of distinguished MPELRA public sector representatives. MPELRA also forms a key professional link to other state and national labor relations organizations. By joining MPELRA you will also automatically become a member of the National Public Employer Labor Relations Association (National PELRA).



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