The National Public Employer Labor Relations Association presents 
The Award of Excellence to an individual who has made an outstanding 
contribution to management in the field of public sector labor relations.

The Award of Excellence represents NPELRA’s highest acknowledgement 
of the recipient’s dedication and achievement in the development of positive labor-management relations.

It signifies professional efforts, which have demonstrated creative and 
innovative leadership over an extended period of time. 



2019 Award of Excellence Nomination Form

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Recipients of the Award of Excellence

2017: Tammara Williams, NV

2016: Teresa Rotschafer, IA

2015: Joe Carrillo, WA

2014: Bernadette Welch

2013: Jerry Keating

2012: Kent Michaelson

2011: Douglas E. Duckett

2010: Robin Hall

2009: Thomas Nowell

2008: Walt Pellegrini
2007: Susan Love 


2006: Cathy Raymond

2005: Trude Elliott
2004: Jeannette Sobania

2003: Irene Koski
2002: Gary M. O’Bannon

2001: John Liebert
2000: Madge Blakey

1999: Steven Rosenthal
1998: James W. Geissner
1997: Dean R. Mielke

1996: William L. Holcomb

1995: R. Theodore Clark, Jr.

1994: Orv Placial
1993 Keith Krinke

1992: Thomas A. Payne
1991: John Martinez
1990: John F. “Duke” Hoffman
1989: Rolland C. Toenges
1988: Kermit Francis
1987: Edward J. “Ned” Gusty
1986: Frank H. Forbes, Jr.

1985: Anthony C. “Tony” Russo
1984: Sam J. Nalbone




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