NPELRA History
First 25 years


National Public Employer Labor Relations Association (NPELRA) is the premier organization for public-sector labor relations and human resources professionals. NPELRA is a network of state and regional affiliates with over 2,200 members around the country. The governmental agencies represented in NPELRA employ more than four million workers in federal, state, and local government.

NPELRA's members represent public employers in a wide range of areas, from management union contract negotiations to working with arbitrators under grievance and arbitration procedures. NPELRA strives to provide our members with high-quality, progressive labor relations advice that balances the needs of management, and the public interest.

NPELRA also works to promote the interests of public sector management in the judicial and legislative arenas and to provide opportunities for networking among members by establishing state and regional organizations throughout the country.



  NPELRA Objectives:
1. Provide a voice for public sector management and labor relations professionals in the development of state and national policy affecting personnel and labor relations.
2. Provide professional support to public sector labor relations practitioners in resolving problems within their jurisdiction.
3. Foster communication and cooperation among members to promote sound public policies, practices and legislation.
4. Promote innovative solutions to practical problems in public sector labor management relations.
5. Disseminate and exchange information, data, and analysis of policy pertaining to all areas of labor relations, including collective bargaining, in which governmental jurisdictions and public management may become involved.





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