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ConnPELRA Membership Categories and Keys




ConnPELRA is the only organization in Connecticut dedicated to educating and training governmental directors, managers and supervisors in labor relations issues. We offer training programs dealing with the latest labor and human resource topics, to ensure that our members are professionally up-to-date Additionally, ConnPELRA works hard to be a leader in presenting innovative ideas and collaborations – all in an effort to assist our government and educational leaders. 

ConnPELRA is an affiliate of National PELRA, the premier national public employer labor relations group. Through their newsletter, trainings and online activities, National PELRA provides the latest national information and networking opportunities to members. The National organization also watchdogs Congress and lobbies for management interests in Washington DC. 


Membership fees depend on the type of membership. However, in accordance with ConnPELRA’s by-laws, at least one person from each municipality, state agency, educational agency, law firm or related organization must be a full Agency or Affiliate Member. Management employees working under, with or in the same government or organization as the primary member, may join as a Connecticut members (only), paying the small $50 fee.


I hope this information helps those who weren’t sure which category to select. To our many members who have already renewed their membership without a reminder, THANK YOU. Your support is greatly appreciated!



ONE FINAL NOTE: Please be certain that your e-mail address is accurate on all of the documents that are submitted, since most of our information and nearly all of the national bulletins, newsletters and hot-topic information is sent out via e-mail these days. If you are not receiving this information, please contact me and we’ll work together to ensure that you receive all benefits of your membership!


ConnPELRA Treasurer




AGENCY MEMBER     ($205):
Any person elected or employed by a government jurisdiction, including a school system, who has principal responsibility for employee or labor relations acting exclusively on behalf of management.

AGENCY INDIVIDUAL     ($50) (ConnPELRA member only):
Any person employed by or working within the agency or department of an Agency Representative in a confidential capacity working exclusive on behalf of management. Any retired employee who has formerly participated as an active Agency member. (This is offered to co-workers of an existing Agency Member).

 Members of any firm, association, league or corporation who are not employees of a public employer but who either represent and actively work for the interests of public management or have special knowledge, experience or interest in public sector employee or labor relations provided said firm, association, etc., function only on behalf of management. Affiliated Membership may be granted to such other individuals in positions that exclusively support management in public labor relations as deemed consistent with the purposes of the Association.

AFFILIATED INDIVIDUAL    ($50) (ConnPELRA member only):
Any person employed by or working within the firm or department of an Affiliated Member in a confidential capacity, working exclusively on behalf of management. Any retired employee who has formerly participated as an active Affiliated Member. (This is offered to co-workers of an existing Affiliated Member).

Honorary Membership shall be awarded to certain individuals in recognition of outstanding effort and the continued interest in and support of the Association, on a basis of not more than one Membership per year, to be voted during the Annual Meeting. Honorary Members shall not be required to pay dues but shall have all other privileges of membership except the right to vote.


For Principal-Agency Membership Click HERE to Download Application

Please note: Principal-Agency Membership Application must be submitted to National PELRA at: 



Payments for AGENCY ONLY must be sent, along with a copy of the application, to ConnPELRA:


c/o Mitch Goldblatt

P.O. Box 1028

Glastonbury, CT 06033


For Individual or Affiliate Memberships Click HERE to Join National PELRA/ConnPELRA



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