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The Delaware Public Employer Labor Relations Association represents federal, state, county, municipal educational, and other governmental jurisdictions in the area of human resource management.

When you join DelPELRA you receive joint membership in the National Public Employer Labor Relations Association (National PELRA) an impressive network of state and regional affiliates with over 2,400 members around the country. The governmental agencies represented in National PELRA employ more than four million workers in federal, state, and local government.

Membership connects you with colleagues across the United States and can be a valuable tool to your professional career. You will find that the more you participate and become involved on both the state and national levels, the greater the benefit your membership will be.

Membership Categories:

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Active Membership. Active Membership shall be open to any person employed on a full­ time basis by a federal, state, county, or

municipal government, or agency or department thereof, or public corporation or authority, or a public school system, who is assigned responsibility for that jurisdiction's, agency's, or department's employee or labor relations activity exclusively on behalf of management. Active Members shall have full voting privileges.

Affiliate Membership. Affiliate Membership shall be open to attorneys and consultants who are not employees of a public employer but who represent and actively work for the interests of public management and who solely represent and support the interest of management in labor relations matters. Affiliate Members shall have full voting privileges.









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