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Welcome to NYSPELRA  



Welcome to the New York State Public Employer Labor Relations Association (NYSPELRA) website. NYSPELRA is a non-profit association of professionals who represent the managements of various public employers throughout New York in their dealings with their union-represented employees. Our members include those in the employ of State and local government agencies, counties, towns, villages, school districts, colleges, universities, hospitals, and public authorities.



Members work full time in these political subdivisions, representing management at the bargaining table with public employee unions, or as lawyers and consultants working with public entities. Our members represent MANAGEMENT ONLY, and comprise the labor relations expertise behind the contracts covering employees numbering in the hundreds of thousands around the State of New York.

NYSPELRA's goal is to help its members achieve the highest possible standard of management advocacy by providing the information, resources and training needed to do so. THIS WEBSITE has been designed as a major tool for the achievement of that goal. This website provides easy access to selected articles from the NYSPELRA monthly newsletter and periodic timely alerts to key court decisions, arbitration awards and new legislation.

The "members only" Bulletin Board represents "networking" in its highest form. In only seconds, a member can pose a question to, or seek advice from, hundreds of her or his colleagues around the state. Our LINKS PAGE can transport a member instantly to other sites filled with information useful to the public sector management advocate, such as those of the NYS Department of Labor, the Public Employment Relations Board, the NYS Assembly and Senate (bill status), the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the EEOC, and other local and national public sector non-profit groups such as the Conference of Mayors, the League of Cities and the Association of Counties. 




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