The National Public Employer Labor Relations Association, hereinafter designated NPELRA or Association, is formed to provide, on behalf of management, the highest standard of excellence in assisting and representing state, county, municipal educational, federal, and other governmental jurisdictions in the area of labor relations. In order to implement its purpose, the NPELRA goals shall include, among other things:




Disseminate and exchange information, data, and analysis of policy pertaining to all areas of labor relations, including collective bargaining, in which governmental jurisdictions and public management may become involved.
B. Foster communication and cooperation among members to promote sound public policies, practices, and legislation.
C. Promote innovative solutions to practical problems in public sector labor management relations.
D. Provide a voice for public sector management and labor relations professionals in the development of state and national policy affecting personnel and labor relations.
E. Provide professional support to public sector labor relations practitioners in resolving problems within their jurisdiction.
F. Provide training and continuing education opportunities in employee/employer labor relations.



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