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NPELRAInteract is a forum pertaining to general Labor Relations/Human Resources topics. All members can join in on these "conversations." Discuss training, new legislation, problems or successes in your agency - anything that interests you on a professional level. You are the leaders and generators of these topics of discussion. Join in on an existing thread, or start your own. Each State PELRA can also have its own discussion forums, which you either keep private to just the members or your state, or you can share with the entire NPELRA community.

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  • You can share your knowledge and grow from the knowledge of others.
    • Ask questions and receive answers from your peers.
    • Pass on a word of thanks or encouragement to a forum friend who understands your professional goals and issues.
  • Make new professional contacts while communicating in various forum chat topics (threads) or by Private Messages.
  • Keep updated by reading interesting threads and news in various sections of the forums. A forum can add to your knowledge base in an informal and fun way!
  • Participate in exciting debates where you can share your views on the latest issues.
  • Stay connected! Come and gather around this virtual water cooler to meet with your fellow Labor Relations/Human Resource professionals.


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