Strategic Government Resources


NPELRA / Strategic Government Resources Partnership

NPELRA's partnership with SGR will provide to our members, three ways to bring training to your office.



Online Training - Annual Subscription for Individual Learners

A cost-effective and efficient way to train. Learn at your own pace in your spare time. We have 99+ courses - you will have access to them all for $99. Click to learn the details of each.


Learning Management System (LMS) for NPELRA Member Organizations

If an individual subscription is not right for you, have a custom built LMS created for your agency. By mentioning that you are an NPELRA member, a small portion of the proceeds of your agency's LMS fees will go back to NPELRA. These proceeds are directly applied to the development and expansion of new NPELRA-developed programs.


Custom Courses Developed by NPELRA

NPELRA's partnership with SGR will enable us to provide content developed by NPELRA. We will bring you programs specific to Labor Relations in the public sector. Watch for this coming soon!




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